Chöd Drum (Sengdeng Wood)

Chöd Drum (Sengdeng Wood)

Dzokden Foundation
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Each Chöd ritual drum, comes with a brocade case and tail. This high quality damaru is made of Sengdeng wood as 

Standard Quality Small Size is Approximately 7.5 Inch Diameter and wide 

Standard Quality Medium Size is Approximately 9.5 Inch Diameter and wide 

High Quality Large size has a ring of metal around the middle and a tail embroidered with the 8 Auspicious Symbols. The case is fully embroidered. 10 inches. 


Last chance to buy supplies to receive them in time for the event. For those who want an item at Kalapa we have 3 thighbone trumpets and 3 chod drums left remaining for people to sign up for.