Manjushri Thangka

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Manjushri is regarded as the bodhisattva of wisdom. In artistic depictions these forms are non-iconic in appearance which means that the iconography is not fixed. Manjushri will still have one face and two arms. His typical emblem is a Prajnaparamita sutra book held in the left hand or supported by a flower blossom. He holds a flaming sword that cuts through all delusion with pristine wisdom in the right hand. 

Thangkas are traditional scroll paintings which are used as supports for meditation. They usually depict various representations of deities, mandalas and enlightened beings. 

Reproduced on high quality silk, these thangkas look beautiful when displayed The art was framed in Nepal in silk brocade with high-quality brass finials.

Dimensions of silk print = 25 cm by 33 cm

Dimensions with thangka frame = 44cm by 75 cm