Pundarika - 2nd Shambhala Kalki King Thangka

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The large central figure is Pundarika, the 2nd of the 25 Shambhala Kalkin Kings. He is an emanation of Avalokiteshvara, white in colour, holding a string of prayer beads in the right hand and the stem of a white lotus blossom in the left. At the lower left is Sumitra the 5th King holding an arrow in the right hand and a bow in the left. This pairing symbolizes the perfection of wisdom initiating the perfections of method - generosity, discipline, patience, effort and concentration.  At the lower right is Bhadra, the 3rd King, holding a dharmachakra (golden wheel) in the right hand and a shankha (white conch shell) in the left.

The most recent 25 of the 32 Kings of Shambhala are known as Kulika (or Kalki; Tib. Rigden) Kings. Kulika means "Holder of the Castes" or "Wisdom Holders." The Kalika King is said to reside on a "lion throne" in Kalapa, the capital city of the Kingdom. They are holders of the Kalachakra (Wheel of Time) teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni, passed down from the original seven Dharmarajas of Shambhala.

Pundarika (Tib. Pema Karpo) (176-76 BC) - White Lotus, Cherished by the Lord of Potala. King Pundarika wrote a commentary called "Vimalaprabha" (Skt.) or "Stainless Light." This text, together with the Sri Kalachakra, is the source text of the Kalachakra system as it is now practiced. Other practice texts are commentaries on these two. The Dalai Lamas are said to be incarnations of Pundarika.

Reproduced on high quality silk, these thangkas look beautiful when displayed The art was framed in Nepal in silk brocade with high-quality brass finials.

Dimensions of silk print = 10" by 14"

Dimensions with thangka frame = 31" by 24"