Golden Age Earth Healing Prosperity Vases

Golden Age Earth Vase For Healing and Prosperity

Harmonize Your Environment for Health and Wealth

We have made less than 100 of these available to people as part of a Fundraiser for Khentrul Rinpoche's new retreat center Land of Shambhala in Australia.  

Based on a Mind Terma (gongter) revealed in the Jonang lineage of traditional Tibetan Buddhism, these Treasure Vases are sacred objects empowered to magnetize abundance, prosperity and healing in your home, business, or property.  In accordance with the Jonang texts, each vase is carefully filled with rare blessed substances collected over many years by Buddhist Masters. 

This is an incredible rare opportunity as it takes tremendous effort and merit to acquire all the offerings to put inside the treasure vases and to consecrate them in an extensive form. 

Khentrul Rinpoche blessed vases for Dzokden for the first time in 2021 in Hong Kong. While similiar the other vases he blessed are available for inside the home and only to those who received the transmission and intend to do the practice. 

These Golden Age Healing Earth Prosperity vases are available to anyone who wishes to put them in their outdoor environment to help bring harmony and financial abundance to themselves and our planet. You may also make a donation and give one as a gift


Benefits of the Earth Prosperity Vase

You can put the Earth Vase in your garden, on your balcony or Terrace, or outside your backdoor to harmonize the elements in the external with the internal environment. This will help bring success and abundance into your life as well as the whole world.

You will be given a recording as well as a mantra to chant when you place the vase in it's outdoor location. It is best to put it in a place that is longterm but as everything is impermanent, Rinpoche says it is ok to relocate it if you move homes although it is best to keep them in one place.


Powerful & Blessed

The Vases have the most extensive offerings possible in them from all over the world collected by our global Dzokden community. We spent many months going to an extensive effort to collect all the right materials.  The were blessed by invoking all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas but especially Arya Tara. Khentrul Rinpoche prepared the most extensive version of the offering Puja of the 21 Taras (Drolmi Kazug) to bless the vases during the month of merit of Ngakpa Dawa, when all good deeds are multiplied by as much as one hundred million times. 


Earth from all of the Buddhist spots in India, Tibet and Nepal
Monks spent over 10 years collecting soil and rocks from all of the Holy places in India, Tibetan and Nepal such as the Lumbini the birth place of the Buddha, the caves of Guru Rinpoche, and Amravati in India. These represent the pinnacle of spiritual attainment.  


Spiritual and Wealthy Power Spots from the Whole Planet 
To include a Rimé view, our Dzokden community worldwide, sent in rocks, sand and soil from powerful spots around the planet from other spiritual traditions as well as those that represent the Ultimate in wealth and abundance throughout history.


Gems from 70+ Countries
In order to bring a Karmic connection to as many areas of the earth as possible and to represent it's full diversity and abundance, we gathered precious and semi-precious stones from all over the world.


Famous & Wealthy People    
We gathered items from Royalty, Presidents, Olympic Gold Medal winner, Emmy Award Winning Actor, Celebrities, Successful Business leaders and other famous and wealthy people who represent the ultimate in worldly success to help create an abundant Golden Age. 


Crystals, Gems & Rare Substances
The vases include coral, Ivory, pearls, citrine, amethyst, turquoise, lapis lazuli, rose quarts, various precious stones, cowrie shells, conch, and semi-precious stones.


Blessings of the Lineage   
Pills were created with many blessed substances including holy objects from masters of various traditions. They were prepared and consecrated with mantras. A single blessing pill alone is filled with the richness of worldly an spiritual attainment.


5 Precious Essences
for a healthy vibrant life
5 Precious Medicines
Remove disease &  sickness

5 Precious Metals 

Clear away poverty

5 Precious Grains
Prevent hunger & thirst

5 Precious Incenses
Harmonize the Emotions 

Proper Preparation - Filling the Vases

Over the course of days earlier in the year, Khentrul Rinpoche prepared many blessing pills with the most extensive Holy Substances and wealth offerings that he could get throughout the world. In Australia, we gathered additional blessed items and filled the vases with Rinpoche's blessings of continuous mantra.
Consecration of the Vases 

The Golden Age Healing Earth Prosperity Vases will be blessed by Rinpoche and monks in several different ceremonies. Firstly they will invoke Arya Tara who swiftly brings all that is needed for beings through the Drolmi Kazug Auspicious Fortune Tower Puja.  In honouring Arya Tara as a representation of the Buddha's activities, we aspire to continue to create the conditions to realize his vision and bring the flourishing of the Dzokden Dharma to the world. Then Rinpoche will bless and consecrate the Land by making offerings to the various classes of beings in all directions with a Fire puja to purify karma, attract and magnetize all the blessings. Lastly, Rinpoche will bless them through the Yellow Dzambhala Empowerment.


We have transformed the old hay barn at Land of Shambhala into a sacred space to bless the vase.


Learn about the importance of consecration

May this vase help you create the seeds of spiritual and material success for the benefit of all beings. May all beings everywhere swiftly realize their own Sacred Truth. May the second Golden Age arise.

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