The Path of Desire (for Pre-order)

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We will celebrate the release of Khentrul Rinpoche’s new book the Path of Desire, with a teaching on how to use all aspects of life including sexuality on the path. This teaching will focus on how to use all of our emotions not just sex to practice. This teaching is available with registration only. Rinpoche will explain in person why he chose to write and release a book of this nature at this time. Some people may find it scandalous while others may find it a welcome addition to tantric teachings.

“Most followers of the Tibetan tantric Buddhist teachings are merely wearing an outer costume of tantra.”

“Serious consideration of the situation of tantra is urgent before its essence is lost altogether. The time has come for going beyond mere scholarly explanations and superficial chanting of liturgies to actually restoring the practice tradition that has been corrupted and rejected in recent centuries. To do that, the full scope of tantra’s real meaning must be re-introduced.”

-Shar Khentrul Rinpoché