Vajrapani Canvas Print (Bhutadharma)

Vajrapani Canvas Print (Bhutadharma)

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This is a print on canvas.
Small Size: Width: 13 3/4 inches (35cm) by Length: 18 3/4 inches (47 1/2 cm)
Large Size: width: 21 inches (53) by Length: 29 3/4 (75 1/2cm)

Tap into the power of all the Buddhas to tame your internal and external  obstacles to realization. Vajrapani, the embodiment of the power of all the Buddhas of the ten directions and the three times is a fearless Bodhisattva of the tenth level and the guardian of the Buddhist tantras. 

This form of Vajrapani is known as the Demon Destroyer and the practice that Lama Lutrin used in the retreat in which he cured himself of Leprosy.  


“For me Vajrapani is personally special because my root lama, Lama Lobsang Trinley, was considered as the actual Vajrapani. When he practiced it, he could completely heal his leprosy during a long solitary retreat. At the end of his retreat he achieved the same realization of the great Indian mahasiddhas. 

My root Lama’s teachings on Vajrapani were incredibly special. As many high Lamas came to our monastery in order to receive the Vajrapani empowerment from him, I could receive it many times. All these Lamas who came had no doubt about his realization. They said that he himself was the actual Vaprapani, as they were witnessing my Lama taming incredibly powerful demons who wish to bring harm to our regions.”

This image was custom commissioned to be be painted by an artist at the  based on sacred images drawn to Khentrul Rinpoche's specification.