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Amulet / Talisman - Marichi Chakra

Amulet / Talisman - Marichi Chakra

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This traditional Buddhist mandala (chakra) talisman amulet, was prepared and blessed by Tibetan Lamas at Tashi Chöthang Monastery, the main monastery of Khentrul Rinpoche's root guru Lama Lobsang Trinley. It increases and magnetizes abundant energies and helps to remove obstacles.

This wheel is the Marichi mantra wheel. It is handcrafted by the monks from a special printing plate and then rubbed with the nectar blessing liquid and placed with special holy objects for blessing. This chakra has been enlightened by Vajra masters and monks.

Wearing or offering this chakra (amulet) to the Supreme Mother of Buddha, Marichi, it has the merits of calming, gaining, loving and subduing, and can fulfill all the wishes of right and goodness. It will prevent one from being cheated of one's possessions, from being caught and imprisoned, and from being harmed by enemies. She is able to quickly destroy evil spirits such as demons, corpses, rakshasasas, and to make them and the beings they harm happy and free from suffering. In addition, Buddha Mother of Light has the power of invisibility and self-realization, and is the great protector of all places. Wearing this chakra protects one from all poisonous insects and beasts, human and non-human beings, as well as gain wisdom, blessings, children, and so on. The merits and benefits of the Wheel of the Mother of Buddha with Light are particularly great.

To avoid damage to the guard wheel, it is recommended to make a cloth cover or a leather cover based on one’s personal preference. It is also dust-proof and moisture-proof for easy cleaning. The amulet can be worn in front of the chest or obliquely on the armpit, or in a carry-on bag.

Placing it indoors is the same as placing it in ornaments. Keep it away from those of uncleanness, murderers, butchers or those with extremely heavy karmic obstacles or of unwholesome origins.

It is best to recite the Dependent Origination Mantra three times before wearing it:
om ye dharma hetu prabhawa
hetun teshan tathagato hyavadat
teshan tsa yo nirodha
ewam vade mahashramanah soha

May all auspicious!