Astrology Reading for Purifying Karma at Death

Astrology Reading for Purifying Karma at Death

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This is limited to those who have just passed away. Please email before paying for this reading. If you are a student of Rinpoche and would like to arrange for the death of a loved one, you can have the astrology read out on what you can do for the person. We will make offerings to have the astrology and any divinations done to sort out what would need to be done for the deceased. 

Please be aware the remedies for the purification of the dead to have a better rebirth or the best result possible are often extensive, for example, having a lot of pujas performed, making offerings to monks, offering to monasteries to say millions of mantras, fixing stupas, repairing roads, 100,000 water tsa tsa, etc. Most of the list we have seen includes a variety of types of remedies some of which such as 10,000 Guru Rinpoche mantras the family may be able to do and others such as 13 million Amitabha mantras only monasteries of monks chanting could quickly accomplish.

Often, the list of remedies given in Tibetan Astrology for the dead is very long. 
1) The person needs to have recently died.
2) You do not need to make offerings or do the list of remedies. Everything is your choice.
3) If you would like to take on the remedies, most of them will need to be done by a lot of monks in Monasteries, which we have to arrange for you. It could be x million mantras, reading a sutra 10,000 times, repairing a stupa, repairing roads, making 100,000 water tsa tsa, or other things.  We can give you the cost estimate to have the proper remedies done.  
4) You are encouraged to do some of the remedies yourself as you are karmically linked to the individual