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Consecrated Shakyamuni Buddha Statue

Consecrated Shakyamuni Buddha Statue

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These Shakyamuni statues are 21 cm tall and 15 cm wide and gold in color.

They are perfect for any practitioner new or long-term. They fillings were consecrated by Khentrul Rinpoche and 50 monks of many spiritual traditions in Bodh Gaya, the seat of the Buddha's enlightenment, in a 4 day empowerment and puja of 1000 Buddhas. This invokes all the Buddhas of our fortunate eon and brings us into connection with them to help create conditions for the Golden Age of Peace to arrive on earth. 

We also blessed the statues remotely. Besides relics and important substances, we are adding some of the Robe that was blessed on the Buddha in the Mahabodhi Temple to the statue. The statues will be consecrated over the month of December by Rinpoche's daily prayers. They will receive the final consecration at the 2024 end of year Marichi Empowerment, 8 Shambhala Dharma King Empowerment and 1000 Buddhas Pujas. 

It's important for the statues and thangkas and holy objects that you use be consecrated. Consecration (Rabne) is the process of invoking the essence of the deity to the statue. We work very hard to have the objects blessed to Rinpoche's instructions and made available. This is a much much harder process than selling unconsecrated statues. Rinpoche has us go to to this huge effort because he truly believes it's important that practitioners have authentic and correct supports for the practices.

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