Consecrated Innate Kalachakra Statue
Consecrated Innate Kalachakra Statue

Consecrated Innate Kalachakra Statue

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Height : 250 mm (aprox.) Width : 167 mm (aprox.) Material : Brass Note: There are slight variations in the final product color. Includes free shipping. The statue is a total of $1100. There is a payment instalment plan option of 4 payments of $275.

The Innate Kalachakra Statue Details

Known as the "King of Tantras", the Kalachakra is widely recognised as the most complete and extensive teaching of esoteric Buddhism. Representing the totality of all aspects of Buddha-nature, Kalachakra encompasses all other deities and therefore also carries with it their profound blessings.

This exquisitely designed, jewellery quality statue of the essential form of Kalachakra is an extremely rare and precious form used primarily in the practice tradition of the Kalachakra Completion Stage. It represents the primordial union of empty-form and immutable bliss, the ultimate nature of reality. It is this essence that yogis meditate on to achieve enlightenment within a single lifetime.

Commissioned by Khentrul Rinpoché, the statue has been especially designed in strict accordance with the Kalachakra root texts, making it particularly powerful and authentic. It represents the culmination of over two years of effort by Khentrul Rinpoché and his students to create a one-of-a-kind manifestation of the inseparable union of the infinite enlightened qualities of Buddha-nature. Merely seeing its form, blesses the mind and imprints in us the capacity to have direct experience of the limitless qualities of our Buddha-nature.

The Motivation for Creating the Statues

We created, consecrated and offered this limited edition statue in Dzamthang and Tashi Chöthang on Saka Dawa 2019, the 20th anniversary of the Parinirvana of Khentrul Rinpoche's precious Root Guru Lama Lobsang Trinley.

  • Firstly, the form of Innate Kalachakra is the primary yidam deity used within the Jonang Tradition. It is widely recognised within this tradition to be a necessary support for the realisation of the non-conceptual primordial wisdom that arises from the practice of the Six Vajra Yogas of the Kalachakra Completion Stage. For this reason, Khentrul Rinpoché felt it was extremely important for his students to have access to an authentic manifestation of this form.
  • Secondly, in times of degeneration such as the present age, it is increasingly rare to find authentic representations of the forms presented within the sacred scriptures. One of the main reasons to build statues such as these is to help practitioners purify their minds by providing them with clear and accurate forms to practice with.
  • Thirdly, even though there are some excellent and well made statues of Innate Kalachakra in existence, they are generally very large and limited to just a handful of monasteries in Tibet. Khentrul Rinpoché wanted to create a much smaller and more affordable statue that could be used by individual practitioners all over the world. In this way, he aspired to create the causes for the practice of Kalachakra to truly flourish.

The Relics and Consecration 

The statues were filled with precious substances, relics and millions of Kalacharka mantras printed on microfilm placed in specific locations within the statue. They were then consecrated at Dzamthang Monastery in Tibet by an assembly of 3000 monks performing a variety of extensive Kalachakra rituals over the course of fourteen days. These rituals were performed during the Tibetan month of Ngakpa Dawa which marks the first time when the Kalachakra Tantra was taught to the Shambhalan King Suchandra.

While the complete list of precious substances relics is much more expansive, this summarised list demonstrates some of the truly extraordinary blessings that have been preserved within the statue from every tradition. 

Includes relics and blessing from: Buddha Shakyamuni, Guru Rinpoché, Yeshe Tsogyal, Longchen Rabjampa, Jigmé Lingpa, Lama Dampa Sonam Gyaltsen, Zhalu Buton Rinchen Drup, Marpa Lotsawa, Gampopa Sonam Rinchen, Khyungpo Naljor, Thangtong Gyalpo, Tsongkhapa’s heart son Khedrupje, Seventh Gyalwang Rinpoché, Jetsun Dampa Rinpoché, Jowo Je Atisha, Dromtompa, Dolpopa Sherab Gyaltsen, Jetsun Taranatha, Tsechu Ratnakirti, Ngawang Chözin Gyatso, Bambda Gelek Gyatso, and especially from Khentrul Rinpoché’s Root Lama, Kyabje Lama Lobsang Trinlé. 

The Benefits of the Meditating with the Statue

1. Connects you to Shambhala: The Kalachakra deity is uniquely connected with the bodhisattva pure realm of Shambhala. As such, meditating with this deity lays down powerful karmic propensities to be born in Shambhala and to experience a golden age of peace and harmony in this world.

2. Harmonises the elements: Kalachakra practice balances the external and internal elements, bringing into balance the individual with the environment they inhabit.

3. Protects your mind: Kalachakra emphasises the primordial wisdom which is the supreme antidote for all obstacles and hardships that may arise in life. By strengthening your mind, no matter what happens, you will be able to overcome it. This is the most powerful form of protection.

4. Accumulates massive amounts of merit: The Kalachakra is an extremely rare and profound teaching. By contributing to the creation of these sacred items, you are creating the causes for the Kalachakra to flourish in this world. This is enormously virtuous and therefore will lay down massive stores of positive energy in your mind, leading to profound states of happiness and wellbeing.


All proceeds will go to the Dzokden Foundation's general fund which supports the creation of online religious education, translations and custom commissioned supports for practice such as authentic thangkas and statues. All the costs of the statues and offering of 30+ statues in Tibet and to the monasteries for their consecration is for religious educational purposes and came out of the General Fund.