Marichi 21st Tara Framed Thangka (Style 1)
Marichi 21st Tara Framed Thangka (Style 1)
Marichi 21st Tara Framed Thangka (Style 1)
Marichi 21st Tara Framed Thangka (Style 1)
Marichi 21st Tara Framed Thangka (Style 1)
Marichi 21st Tara Framed Thangka (Style 1)

Marichi 21st Tara Framed Thangka (Style 1)

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This is a print on canvas.
Dimensions of painting: 
Width: 13 3/4 inches (35cm) by Length: 18 3/4 inches (47 1/2 cm)
Dimensions with brocade: 
Top is 19 inches (48cm) across / Length 36 inches (91cm) / Bottom including the finials 26 inches ( 66cm)
• Comes with pictured thangka finials and protective cover. 

Marichi is the life-long personal protector from Khentrul Rinpoche. She is also considered the protectress of the Sublime Realm of Shambhala. We had several versions of Marichi commissioned in Rinpoche's vision of her so that people can enjoy the verison they like. 

In some lineages of the Vajrayana Buddhism, Marichi is considered to be one manifestation of Tara, appearing for example as the 21st Tara. There are other forms from her found also in other spiritual systems. She is the colour of the sunset, a wondrous, glowing orange. She comes with the sun and, as the sun, her blessings pervade everywhere.


Marichi (also known as Marīcī and Özer Chenma) came to Rinpoche’s life when he was a young boy herding yak cattles in Tibet. Without fences, it was quite difficult to take care of them. Some yaks hide themselves from the boy Rinpoche under rocks, and so used to spend the night in danger of being attacked by wolves. To help protect them, his family shared with him the Marichi mantra and the faith in her when he was still very young.

“I do not know exactly why, perhaps because of having no doubt when doing this or because of a special connection, when I recited her mantra and did the ritual according to the traditional manner of protecting the yaks, I have 100% guarantee that the yaks would be safe during the night. I never had problems with yaks being killed by the wolves since then, really never. So I kept that in mind and I recited innumerable mantras, many times, when I took care of them. So, afterwards, anytime when we had an obstacle I always relied on her.”

“So this is why Tibetan says that praying for Marichi helps. But, of course, it does not help everyone individually, as it depends for example on the individual connection and on the level of faith. You must have no doubt at all. I have indestructible faith in Marichi since my childhood, so this helped me to develop many connections with her during my life.”

This image was custom commissioned to be be digitally-painted by an artist at the  based on sacred images drawn to Khentrul Rinpoche's specification. It has been framed in high-quality silk brocade with brass finials ends.