White Tara Thangka

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The enlightened female form, Tara has 21 manifestations. In each form she takes a different color and manifest a different virtuous aspect of the mind to help us on our spiritual path. 

White Tara is one of the 3 main long life deities along with Amitabha buddha and Namgyalma. The Yogini-Tantra explains how White Arya Tara, from among the 21 Taras, frees practitioners from untimely death. It is truly possible to extend the span of one’s life by practicing White Tara and this will be very beneficial for one’s Dharma practice. She is known for health, healing and longevity. When prayed to Tara with the eyes that see all suffering, comes swiftly to aid. 

Thangkas are traditional scroll paintings which are used as supports for meditation. They usually depict various representations of deities, mandalas and enlightened beings. 

Reproduced on high quality silk, these thangkas look beautiful when displayed The art was framed in Nepal in silk brocade with high-quality brass finials.

Dimensions of silk print = 10" by 14"

Dimensions with thangka frame = 31" by 24"