Vision of the Pure Realm of Northern Shambhala - Custom Fine Art Canvas
Vision of the Pure Realm of Northern Shambhala - Custom Fine Art Canvas

Vision of the Pure Realm of Northern Shambhala - Custom Fine Art Canvas

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For practitioners who want a large format version of this print above 1 meter wide, we offer a custom printing option. The price is the deposit only.

The actual price will be based on the cost. Please expect the custom cost can run upwards of $100-$500 excluding shipping.  If you would like a large format version of this printed, please email in with the width that you are interested in before checking out. We will get a quote for the cost from a fine art printer that can be shipped directly to you. As this is a completely custom solution the time to respond to your request and implement it will vary. 

1) Large format print on vinyl banner signage is affordable and comes with white around the edges as the print is not exact to the banner. This keeps the print more affordable and you can cut it to size. 
244cm x 122 cm
Approximately $120-150 depending on country excludes shipping in estimate

2) Large format print on Fine Art textured canvas paper comes with uniform white on edges. 
Size Your Choice
Price upon request

These prints will be done on canvas and ship in a tube. You will need to frame it in your own choice of frame. The actual image is a non-standard framing size. So while this version will have the full version of the image you will need to to get a custom frame. The cost are also higher because the print must be custom sized. To have a sense of dimension the print in the video behind Khentrul Rinpoche is over 2 meters wide. 



Vision of the Pure Realm of Northern Shambhala 

Khentrul Rinpoche spent a year with the best Thangka painter in Tibet to develop this vision of Shambhala. The painter has been honored by the Chinese government for his work in preserving the artistic heritage. Thank you to the students in China who helped sponsor this incredible painting. The actual painting is very large and so the bigger size you get the easier it is to see all the details. 

The artist is pictured on the right. His name is ལྷ་བཟོ་ལེགས་སྨོན། Legmon.

As it is so important that everyone has a version of this in their home, we have worked to offer this in different printing formats so it can be suitable to everyone's personal taste and make it affordable. 


Printed and shipped on demand. This item will ship from the printer. It will be shipped separately from other items you may order in the store.