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Your Karmic Map to Liberation - Vedic Astrology Reading with Yeshe Wangmo

Your Karmic Map to Liberation - Vedic Astrology Reading with Yeshe Wangmo

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Jyotisha, Vedic astrology, is a divine map that shows your Karmas in this life. The map showcases where your strengths and skillful means lie that can help you on your path to liberation. It also shows what obstacles you may face that will help you transform.

By understanding the areas in your life where you will likely be blinded by desires or possess strong aversions, you can become more empowered to handle these challenging karmas with grace, compassion, and strength. Whenever you experience a repeating pattern of events or experiences, you can learn how you need to transform to help reveal your true Self, your ultimate Self - your true nature. 

Your current self must face the karmas you have made in your past lives. Many of these Karmas are very fortunate for example - you have already achieved a human birth, and if you are practicing Dharma, a precious human birth. Karma is not negative or positive inherently. It is the results - the fruit of your past labors. 

As you have not yet reached Buddhahood, naturally, some of your past karmas are very difficult to deal with, even with your spiritual practice. By bringing awareness to the challenges you may encounter, you have the power to work with these events in a new way, to increase your spiritual practices, and to react with intention. This transformation will help you live more divinely aligned with your Dharmic purpose. As you move from living with ignorance towards awareness, you can move from a life of suffering to a life of joy and divine play.

Karma is complicated. Each karmic seed can not ripen at the same time. Due to the planetary movement and periods called dashas, we can see what karmic possibilities may ripen at certain times. As not all Karmas are fixed many you can work with and change. Fortunately, we understand due to dependant origination, nothing is permanent; everything eventually can change. 

What does it mean to read a chart from a spiritual perspective?
It's important to understand that reading a chart from the perspective of liberation as your life goal is very different then reading one with the materialistic samsaric life goals. 

The very experiences indicated in your chart that may lead to great hardships in your life related to family, money, or marriage could also be the blessings in your chart that indicate your greatest areas for transformation and evolution on your spiritual path. You may not have money because you are destined to live life as a sanyasan. You may be destined to lose some money so that you are able to realize you do not need to cling to the material world and cultivate renunciation. Or, you may be destined to make a lot of money so that you have the opportunity to cultivate the paramita of generosity and merit by having the chance to offer it to help sentient beings.  

The very things in a chart that may indicate a wonderful materialistic life could also be exactly the things that are obstacles to your spiritual practice. For instance, some astrologers may read planets in the sixth house of loss as problems you would want to avoid or planets in the 8th house as dangerous life circumstances, but these same areas may actually be indicating something else completely, such as your past life gifts of esoteric tantric teachings and blessed abilities to understand the hidden nature of phenomena. Your karmic map is neither good nor bad. From a tantric perspective, it is an endless opportunity to awaken awareness in your emotions and experiences. 

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