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Limited edition: 9 Layer Blessed Protection Wheel
Limited edition: 9 Layer Blessed Protection Wheel
Limited edition: 9 Layer Blessed Protection Wheel
Limited edition: 9 Layer Blessed Protection Wheel
Limited edition: 9 Layer Blessed Protection Wheel
Limited edition: 9 Layer Blessed Protection Wheel

Limited edition: 9 Layer Blessed Protection Wheel

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The nine-layer protection amulet was made for to bring Tara wish-fulling auspicious wealth.  

This auspicious wealth amulet has nine layers and is a collection of
1) Tara auspicious luck amulet,
2) Zambala wealth amulet,
3) arm decoration amulet,
4) big white umbrella cover amulet,
5) disease-proof amulet,
6) vajra destroyer amulet,
7) Manjushri wisdom-initiator amulet,
slander-proof amulet,
and the nine kinds of wish-fulfilling amulets to attain all benefits and virtues in and out of this Samsara world.

They were handmade under the amulet rituals, with the designated mantras from Shar Khentrul Rinpoche, by the qualified monks. Mantra scriptures of each amulet were printed by hand on a wooden board, and then rubbed with various matching blessed liquids. Upon drying, they then were folded into a square form and stacked upon one another. The six-color threads of black, blue, green, white, yellow and red were weaved from the center to the outside to form a guard wheel. The six colors not only signify the obstruction of the six realms, but also represent the perfection of the six paramitas and the original pure nature of the six great elements.

According to amulet sutras, wearing or making offering to this amulet will cause extremely good and wonderful results and accumulate extraordinary merits. This collection of amulets is the gathering and manifestation of the compassion and wisdom of all Buddhas. It can eliminate karmic obstacles, disease obstacles, or obstacles caused by demons and other obstructions. It can enable the wearer to live a long and healthy life and acquire a large amount of wealth and wisdom, resolve the conflict among the different zodiacs symbols and resolve conflicts among the different people such as  the incompatibility of family members and colleagues, etc.

It can also provide remedies to issues caused by malpractices or breaking oaths. Even without doing the practices of the Yaksha, wearing the amulet could also help accumulate same benefits and merits. In addition, it can obtain the power to subdue the three realms, achieve all good Dharmas, realize the blessing power, and accumulate the inconceivable merits and benefits such as the merits of immortality. Especially in this era of war, disease and disputes, if one wears it every day, it can break all the obstacles of evil demons and heresy, and can help everything you want to come true.

The benefits of the amulets are indeed numerous and numerous, and it is impossible to exhaust it. If they can be worn or worshipped with faith, especially if they are not separated from the body, the benefits will be manifested most quickly and obviously. If it is inconvenient to wear it, it can be placed in Buddhist shrine rooms, clean and high places indoor, offices, study rooms, warehouses, etc. If it is placed in the study, it will be beneficial to obtain fame. If it is placed in the corporate office, It will help in business cooperation negotiations, etc. If it is placed in the treasury, safebox, etc., it will increase wealth rapidly. 

To avoid damage to the guard wheel, it is recommended to make a cloth cover or a leather cover based on one’s personal preference. It is also dust-proof and moisture-proof for easy cleaning. The amulet can be worn in front of the chest or obliquely on the armpit, or in a carry-on bag.

Placing it indoors is the same as placing it in ornaments. Keep it away from those of uncleanness, murderers, butchers or those with extremely heavy karmic obstacles or of unwholesome origins.

It is best to recite the Dependent Origination Mantra three times before wearing it:
om ye dharma hetu prabhawa
hetun teshan tathagato hyavadat
teshan tsa yo nirodha
ewam vade mahashramanah soha

May all auspicious!