Consecrated Green Tara Birth Deity Kit - Mewa 7 (pre-order)
Consecrated Green Tara Birth Deity Kit - Mewa 7 (pre-order)

Consecrated Green Tara Birth Deity Kit - Mewa 7 (pre-order)

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According to Tibetan Astrology, everyone is born associated with one of the 9 magic Mewas. Each Mewa corresponds to the Karma you had in your previous life, what you brought into this life, and the karma that may propel you into the next life. As part of that, each person is associated with a Deity that can be practiced and brought closer to help transform your Karma. It is beneficial to do the Deity practice related to your Mewa to create conditions for a better rebirth. Each of the Birth Deity kits is put together for you or a loved one to get closer to the Deity associated with you by your astrology.

What's Included?

  1. Consecrated approximately 10 cm tall statue of your Birth Deity in Gold color. The consecration will take place at Dzamthang Monastery the seat of the Jonang lineage, with thousands of monks during the holy month of Saka Dawa
  2. One travel-size image of your deity, Mewa, and mantra for travel 
  3. A booklet about your Mewa and birth Deity includes a coloring page of your Deity. It is useful to print out the deity and paint a version of your Deity in your life. 
  4. Prayer flag to hang based on your Mewa's color 
  5. Blessed Mala for Deity mantra practice
  6. Travel Pouch